Friday, November 21, 2014

Digimon Stop Motion - Omegamon VS Imperialdramon

Hello everyone, just finished another commercial stop motion video, I worked this video with Bandai America for the promotion purpose of "Digimon All Star Rumble" video game, this video took around 20 days of production and nearly 2500 pictures, check out the video as below:

There are 4 toys in this video, two for the first mode and two for the second mode, I find someone to make the battle field for this video.

The battle field

For some flying object in the air, I use tools or my own hand to hold them in the air and then erase them through photoshop or another way is green screen.

Comparison scenes with effects and without effects and color grading.

Some screenshots of the video.

Well, the above are all for this video, hope you guys enjoy the video and see you next time on next video.

Best regards
John H.

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Avengers Ironman VS Ironman Stop motion

Hello everyone, this is a commercial video I work for MSI brand for the promotion of their new motherboard few month ago, this time I use SHF red Ironman VS black Ironman, the result seems good, please check the video as below:

Below are the behind the scenes pictures, first we have the two main characters
SHF Red Ironman and SHF Black Ironman.

Now the background, in front of my red sofa

 The Motherboard of MSI

Some skills of this video, I use after effects for the effects and also color grading raising the contrast
of the entire video.

As for the flying objects, sometimes I use tools and sometimes I use my hand to hold the object, then erase them on photoshop or paintshophoto.

The main points of this product(motherboard)



The last scene.

Well, this is all for this video, actually stop motion is very easy, you can also find tons of tutorial on youtube, hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching, see you guys on next video.

John H.

Sunday, October 12, 2014

News for Dragon Ball stop motion - Cells return Episode 3

For those who concern about DBZ 3, I am always working with this one, but I still have to work for living, so I can not guarantee when I can finish this one, but will try my best for sure with the best quality, thank you all for your patience and I do as fast as possible to finish it, great thanks again for all.

感謝所有支持我的朋友們, 七龍珠第3集一值都有在制作中, 只是無奈作者我也需要工作來養家跟養自己, 所以完工日期一直沒法給大家一個確定時間, 我會盡量在年底前完成, 再次謝謝大家的耐心跟支持.

Friday, July 4, 2014

2014 Plans for DBZ

Something in my mind for a long time, its about time for some DBZ videos again, will try to finish the last one first, and sorry for the delay, too much work recently. 

長久以來就在我心中的想法, 該是拍更多七龍珠的時候了, 上一部會先拍好趕在下半年的宣傳, 讓大家久等了, 這陣子太忙了.

Thursday, June 26, 2014

Figma Saber and Revoltech Al VS Guildwar2 monster stop motion

Hello guys, this is my new video, was demanded from a commercial company in China, they want me to make a stop motion video with a online game character and the game is Guildwar2, the good guys I choose from Fate Saber, Al and Gundam, please check the video as below :

This is just a short video, around 1 minute and half, the filming time is around 20 days, 
the main time consuming task is the modification of toys, the bad guys is too big and heavy, really need to do a lot of work to make it suitable to film in stop motion. 

Mark out the modification parts

Also the weapon

Drill holes to make it less weight

Build joints in it to make hand movable. 

The sword

Some battle scenes was held with my hand and erase it. 

the special skill of Al is just aluminium paper

Original picture without effect and color correction

After effects and color grading. 

The cover :D

Well, this is all for this video, software that I used : 
Adobe after effects
Adobe Premiere
Corel video studio

Hope the above could help you, and wish you all the best, thanks for watching and see you next time on next stop motion :D.

John Huang 

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Transformer Stop motion review - IDW Optimus Prime

This is IDW Orion Pax Optimus prime, a good and small toy of transformers, 
with good articulation and easy to transform, price around USD$50 in Taiwan local market. 

Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gundam stop motion fight

This is my first video working with Chinese Company, they produce similar toys with Bandai,
the shape looks cool but the articulation still need to improve, please check the video as below:

The battle field, in living room.


Now some of the behind the scenes skills, the floating cannon.

I mask them out from the picture.

Or using green screen skill.

And finally the cover picture.

The technics of this video is actually pretty easy, and effects are all the basic standard effects 
that After effects have, but also the most time consuming is the adjustment of these lazers,
one or two lazers are fast, but 6-10 lazers takes a lot and a lot of time.

Well, this is all for this video, thank you for watching and see you next time on next video. 
John H.