Sunday, February 2, 2014

One Piece VS Dragon Ball Stop motion

Hello everyone, this is my new video using toys of One Piece from Mcdonalds VS Cell from DBZ, this entire video took me around 15 days of production time and nearly 3000 pictures.
Please check the video as below :

Now some behind the scenes pictures are skills. 
 The battle field

The first 3 characters from One Piece, Nami, Robin and Zoro

The bad Guy Cell

The Golden duck

Some simple modification, I took off the head and use clay to make it able to turn 
while I film it. 

A plastic piece under the feet to make dolls able to stand well

Some flying scenes during the battle, hold the item with my hand and then PS.

I applied color correction and contrast to the video, below is the original one

And after color grading and size adjustment

Well this is all for this video, the next one is already in the way, will post it up shortly.
Thanks for watching and see you next time on next video.

best regards
John H.