Sunday, October 12, 2014

News for Dragon Ball stop motion - Cells return Episode 3

For those who concern about DBZ 3, I am always working with this one, but I still have to work for living, so I can not guarantee when I can finish this one, but will try my best for sure with the best quality, thank you all for your patience and I do as fast as possible to finish it, great thanks again for all.

感謝所有支持我的朋友們, 七龍珠第3集一值都有在制作中, 只是無奈作者我也需要工作來養家跟養自己, 所以完工日期一直沒法給大家一個確定時間, 我會盡量在年底前完成, 再次謝謝大家的耐心跟支持.


  1. Hello counter I'm a big fan of stop motion and I practice for some time I beg you to please watch my video here is

  2. which program you use stop motion?

  3. Hi,

    Congratulations for your work...
    How many frames per second do you use to make your animations?

    Thanks for the answer,
    Until more,

  4. On the first cell's return what was the the a 1:53?