Sunday, May 24, 2015

Lego Spy Stop Motion Movie Trailer

Very happy to have the chance this time to work with the Spy movie company for the new movie trailer, they need this trailer to fully transform into LEGO style, this video took me 20 days in production and around 2000 pictures, please check the video as below:

Below are some behind the scenes pictures.

First of all finding suitable lego figures for the movie characters, this is my lego figure collection

Background small houses

Walls for streets or dungeon

Wall or floor, multi function

Wall of the computer office

Computer office wall, I put some stickers on it to look like pictures in the wall

Cars and cars

Special treatment car to fit two lego figures in it.

The real look of the motorbike falling scene

Up to down shot

Walls of the restaurant and the little train


The White House

The motorbike 

Airplane in green screen

Clouds in green screen

Explosion on the bridge

Helicopter in green screen

The 20th Century Fox logo in Lego style, sadly its not finished yet,
have no enough time to find more yellow bricks before the deadline

The cover for this video

Well, this is all for the behind the scenes pictures, hope you can learn what you want from these pictures, see you next time on next video.

John H.