Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Ninjago stop motion- Kai VS Jay

Hello guys, this is my new stop motion video, its about ninjago, sponsored by "Artifex creations",
this time I use ninja swords fight plus so super power, please check the video as below:

 Some of the behind the scenes pictures:

The two main characters, there are more ninjas in the series, but I choose fire and thunder, 
this is more easy to make the fight with effects.

the battle field, in the corner of my room

some other materials and tools

sometimes I move the dolls with tools 

flying scenes I use clay to support the figure

With effects and color grading.

Without color grading and effects

 some green screen for flying scenes 

The cover of the video

Well, then this is all for this video, hope you guys like it, thank you for watching and see you next time on next video. 

best regards
John H.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

New car racing stop motion

I just made a stop motion about car racing, there are Batmobile, optimus prime, time machine from back to the future and with a special guest as the boss of this event, please check Huhas channel for the video, thanks !!!

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Superman VS Predator stop motion

Hello guys, this is a video I made for Machinima few weeks ago, using hot toys figures of Predator and Superman to fight each other, this video took me only 19 days of production time and around 3000 pictures.

Please check the video as below :

 Lets see the toys, Superman and Predator, they are really nice and detail figures, 
specially the face, I use some tools to hold them standing. 

Accesories of the hands and face, etc.

 Some movements in the air was hold by hand and then erase with photoshop

Hold the tools

Green Screen

Some of the scenes that I like in the video

Thanks again for watching and see you next time on next video.

best regards
John H.

Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Lego Stop motion - Lone Ranger VS Pirates of the Caribbean

This is a new video I made to match the upcoming movie of Johnny Depp, The Lone Ranger,
I always love to collect Lego toys, and this time I decide to make a stop motion video of Johnny Depp VS Johnny Depp, the pirates VS lone ranger, please check the video as below :

First the battle field, was made under my wooden bed

One of the things that I like lego is because they are small, so I can build easily the battle stage without too much work and material. 

The rocks in the background was only Styrofoam with grey paint

I use sometimes white paper as smoke

The battle of multi characters is always complicated and time consuming, you need to calculate every foot stand location of the lego man.

Some of the flying scenes I use green screen technic

 I use clay to locate the angle of flying objects, then use green screen to make the flying thing

My favorite screen shot :D

Well, here is all little secrets of this video, hope you guys enjoy it and thanks a lot for watching. 
See you next time on next video. 

best regards
John H.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Legend of Zelda stop motion- Figma Link and Black Rock Shooter

Hello guys, this is the new video I made for Machinima, its about the game Legend of Zelda, to make the video look better, I invented some magic for Link and also start to try to use clays in my stop motion,
well, please check the video as below :

And now for the behind the scenes pictures:

First the battle field, all under a wooden bed, 
the walls are toy boxes covered with brown paper,
the sky was made of blue paper. 

The figma toys of Link and blackrock shooter. 
exchangeble faces and hands.

Clay combined with hero factory toys. 

My filming small equipments.

The hammer was made of other toys backpack and them glue together. 

The presentation shot for the video. 

And here is all the behind the scenes pictures of this video, 
we will see next time on next video. 

best regards
John H.

Friday, April 5, 2013

Dragon Ball Episode 2 - Cell's Return

Hello Guys, its been 2 month ago since my last video of Dragon ball episode 1, and now here it is,
episode 2, Cell as the boss and Goku, Vegeta to save the day, this video I specially focus on fighting skills and air combat, well, please check the video first as below :

This video in the animation part took me 53 days and sound effects application took me 6 days, in total I spend 59 days to make this video and with more than 6000 pictures. 
In the below, I will show some pictures and behind the scenes skill for you to study.

The action figures from SHF, Goku, Vegeta, Cell, Trunks and Piccolo,
these dudes cost me around USD$350 in total. 

The battle field in also in the middle of my room, I made the course indication before start to film the video, this helps me greatly how to arrange the movements and calculation of the distance.

Tools that I use in this video, they are simple tools but very useful

Modification to the dolls, original dolls are very fragile, so I need to strong their joints

The dolls of this series are very detail and beautiful, but only Goku's face are a little bit too angry, 
so I made some paint modification to make him look better.

The doll itself comes with several changeable facial expressions. 

Some cuts where toys are hold with tools, then I use photoshop to erase them

Green screening, in this case for Green Piccolo, its called blue screening

Below here are some shots that I like from this video

The thumbnail that I use on youtube for this video, 
the upper one is after "effects" the lower one is the original without effects

Well, this is all for this video, thank you all for watching and supporting my videos, if you wish to follow my recent video progress, you can always check my facebook for the news.

Facebook : Counter656

Thanks again and wish you all have a great day, see you next time on next video. 

John H.