Friday, December 30, 2011

Kreo Transformers stop motion - Autobots VS Decepticons

This is a video for the promotion of Kreo Transformers from Hasbro , and for some reason ,
I have to finish this video before 2012 arrives, so this video I speed up the production and
in total plus the musics and sounds effects, this video only took me 10 days for production.
and average around 3300-3500 pictures.

And here is the video:

Now lets check the behind the scenes pictures:

                                                                      The toys

The scene is in the floor of my room 

As these toys are heavy and weak in the joints, you must use lots of tools to hold the body

The box comes with pieces, and they can assemble to a vehicle or a robot

Each box comes with 2-3 small toy figures

As the figures body are too heavy, this mean the joints will no going to be strong 
enough, so I have to use some tapes in the joints.

The scene where Megatron jumps was holding by hand 

And for the explosion scene, the same technic, just adding some green screens. 
The same with the starscream Jet mode

 And final here is a picture of Optimus Prime. 

Thanks also to Zoetrope international for the nice background music.
they do really nice movie like musics, if you are interested, you can also
contact with these cool guys :

Software used:

Corel Video Studio
Animator HD
Adobe after effects
Adobe Premiere

Well, hope you guys like this video and wish you all happy new year!!
See you next time on next stop motion.

Friday, December 2, 2011

Transformers Stop Motion - Race and Destroy

Hello everyone, this is another video I made for TheGameStation youtube channel,
this is the fight between Bumble Bee and Barricade, the first minute was a racing
scene, I study the game "Need for Speed" for the camera movements of the cars,
the last two minutes of the video of cource is the fight and transform of the robots.
This video took me 2 month of production and around 3500 pictures.

Please check the video first:

Below is the main characters of this video, bumble bee and Barricade,
they are actually very small in the size.

This video was shot in a small room of my house,the walls in the video are Gundam model boxes.

Corners is an ideal location to shot drift scenes.

Car in the sky was holding by my hand, 
then deleted in After effects with layers

The TV screen in the background of this video is just a blue screen, after the key, just insert the video shot I want and will appear like the image in the video.

The explosion is also blue screen, I use blue instead of green because the color of Bumble bee is yellow and this may affect the result of the green screen. 

Here are some shots of the video that I liked

 Ok, and here is all the main skills of this video, actually is pretty simple, and hope you
guys enjoy the video, see you next time in the next stop motion project.

BTY,I will post every new information and progress of my videos in my facebook channel,
Please visit me sometime on facebook.

Facebook name : Counter656

Thanks again and wish you have a great day.

John H.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Minority Report VFX Stop Motion

This is a video I made for the Taiwan Business tour promotion purpose,
the idea comes from the movie Minority Report, I spend 3 days in total for the
making of this video, please see the video as below:

The Doll I choose to use this time is Black widow from Iron man movie, this is the most
beautiful girl face doll that you can find in the market of 12 inch dolls.

Below is the stage that I use to film this video, on top of my desk.

Comparison of the shoots, original and with green screen, this video was mostly made
in front of green screen, some scenes the green screen was not good because the green
screen was to near the doll and in some places the light was too strong, I will need to
improve next time about this problem.

Here are some runners effects I made for this video, first make the runners,
then apply to the video in after effects.

Some scenes of this video that I like the most. 

Software used in this video:

Corel video studio pro
Paint shop photo
After effects

Well, hope you guys like this video, and will be back to you next time with transformers stop

John H.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Assasin Creed Stop Motion

This is a video made for Machinima for the promotion of the Game Assasin Creed,
this is the first video I made with 12 inch toys, these are really detail figures from Hot toys company,
they are beatiful with good articulation, but its not easy to film, they are very heavy and usually falls, could not stand well to film.

Please check the video as below :

Below is the filming scene of this video, blue posters plus some artificial plant decoration.

The toys are very loose in the articulation due to the heave body

The move of the cape in the wind is actually holding by hand

The real look of the bloody hand before After effects

The red part of the broken hand is made with red paper

Some of the video scene that I like the most

Well, here is some of the behind the scene of this video, hope you guys like it,
thank you and see you soon with the next stop motion video

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Taipei World Design Exposition

This is an ad video of the Taipei World Design Exposition, I helped them to make this ad with stop
motion, all the items and characters in this video are Exposition creations in the show.
This video took me around 5 days for the filming and editting.

Below are pictures of the behind the scene:

The place for the video taking

All of the tools that I used in this video

The rotation of the wooden toys

The color changing and size changing of the can is actually the replacement
of many other cans with the same style.

The rolling of the white little man is actually holding by hand

The wooden rabbit and the tiger are magnetic toys connected together with

Softwares I used in this video are :
Corel video studio pro
Adobe premiere
Adobe after effects.

Well, hope you guys like the video, thanks for watching and see you soon
in the next transformers stop motion.

John H.