Friday, July 4, 2014

2014 Plans for DBZ

Something in my mind for a long time, its about time for some DBZ videos again, will try to finish the last one first, and sorry for the delay, too much work recently. 

長久以來就在我心中的想法, 該是拍更多七龍珠的時候了, 上一部會先拍好趕在下半年的宣傳, 讓大家久等了, 這陣子太忙了.


  1. i'm waiting for the final video of cell's return. every month i check your youtube's account but always with the same result :(. however, take your time and do your best, a lot of people around the world admires your work and i'm sure you will left us with a poker face. Congratulations from Barcelona!!

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