Saturday, February 18, 2012

Ghost rider stop motion in Machinima

Hello everyone, just finished a new video, its about Ghost rider fighting with Albert Wesker from Resident evil,
this is a video I made for Machinima, using 12 inch dolls from Hot Toys, they are really really cool and detail
action figure, amazing quality...well...lets take a look at the new video:

And now let get into some behind the scenes pictures.

These are the tools I used this time for the video 

The main character, Nick Cages figure

The bad ass Wesker, the eye can glow with batteries

Some fighting scene was holded by hand and then delete it 

The bike itself can shine, so no need for too much effect modification

The sun glass scene was really a sun glass in green screen

The ghost rider form in fire, the head also can glow using batteries

And below are some screen shots.

This video took me 25 days with around 3800 pictures. 

Well this is all for this video, actually nothing special in skills, but mostly 
the changing of camera moves is what differs from other videos. 

And thanks for watching, see you guys next time on next video. 

John H.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Black Diamond Stop motion

This is a video I made for the promotion of Black Diamond recharge device,
this video took me 8 days and around 900 pictures, please check the video as below:

                                                         The cellphone I use

                                                       The battle arena
                                                       Me and the girl

                                                                 Black diamond

                                                       the lightning for the girl scene

                                                              The background of the girl scene

                                                        Me, my friend and the model

                                                    Many of the phone scene are holding by hand

                                                     Hold by hand also
                                                  Screen shots

Thanks everyone for watching and see you next time on next video.