Sunday, July 31, 2011

Street Fighter Stop motion - Ryu VS Ken behind the scene

Hello Everyone, I just finished my new stop motion video of Street fighter, will be showing up 
first in Machinima channel, and I will upload to my channel after a week of the machinima. 

Well, lets see the video first:

I want to thanks to Nikon camera for supporting me a lot in this new video.
And here is how the entire scene looks like, I use Taiwanese handwriting paper
as the background, and hang it with the metal closet bone.

                  The background using Taiwanese letter papers.

The artificial grass

                                  The book on the table is put the camera and make it able
                                   to move all around the table.   

The Nikon D5100 camera I use this time for filming 

                                        I use clay in this video to stablelize the toys figures

                           The hands of the toys actually is very fragile, so I got to use clay also
                                       in the articulation.

                 I use photoshop to get rid of the hands in the picture, check the difference between
                               the two pictures.

                  Some of the scenes in the video that I like:


In this video, about the color grading, I make high contrast, 10%blue and 5% green,
reduce color 10%.

Software used:

Corel video studio
Adobe premiere
Adobe After effects
Cinema 4D

Well, this is all the behind the scenes of this video, thanks everyone for watching,
and see you next time on next stop motion.

John H.


  1. Counter 656 from Taiwan : you are the best ! I'm fan about SF II and I love you're video so much !!! Thanx for all !!!

    and the new style of the blog is a success !!!!


    Teiseken, from France.

  2. Did you use any plugins for some of the effects?

  3. Hi John !

    I'd like to know which lenses did you used for that Stop Motion , I can see you used the classic lens that come with your DSLR but what lens is the other one. Is that a macro lense ? Would you recommand it for Stop Motion ?
    Thank you, Adrien.

  4. Again, John Huang demonstrates mastery of video with much care and quality. more animations to come ^ ^

    Postei no meu blog caso queira saber XD

  5. Dude, you are my hero!! I have placed a post about your work on my website!!

  6. You seriously have some amazing talent. This is one of the coolest videos I've ever seen for real...

  7. what action figures are these? and where can i buy them?

  8. Incredible work, excited about the sexy killer!

  9. Hey man, I am a brazilian journalist and I have to say that you made a great work. I love street fighter, since i was nine years old, and see a great fight like that, with the action figures, remind me when I was young.

    Well done and please, do the same work with other games like mortal kombat and tekken.

  10. Your work is awesome. Nothing more to say!

    Please keep up this kind entertainment. You should be paid by the companies for such talented work.

  11. nice job..well done and good luck..

  12. Cool stop Motion, keep up the good work.

  13. Sweet Stop motion, try using "dragon stop motion software" on your next stop Motion.

  14. is greaaattttt>>>>> how i can learn this technic.....please email me at

  15. Nice work! You should do a stop motion about goku vs super man

  16. seriously, the original stopmotion? or live shot

  17. dude i love your stop motions,im your fan , the software that you used here is the same that you use on de dragon ball z videos ? really i want to learn how to do this like you , hope if you can tell me how to start , tnx

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