Thursday, November 20, 2014

Avengers Ironman VS Ironman Stop motion

Hello everyone, this is a commercial video I work for MSI brand for the promotion of their new motherboard few month ago, this time I use SHF red Ironman VS black Ironman, the result seems good, please check the video as below:

Below are the behind the scenes pictures, first we have the two main characters
SHF Red Ironman and SHF Black Ironman.

Now the background, in front of my red sofa

 The Motherboard of MSI

Some skills of this video, I use after effects for the effects and also color grading raising the contrast
of the entire video.

As for the flying objects, sometimes I use tools and sometimes I use my hand to hold the object, then erase them on photoshop or paintshophoto.

The main points of this product(motherboard)



The last scene.

Well, this is all for this video, actually stop motion is very easy, you can also find tons of tutorial on youtube, hope you enjoy the video and thanks for watching, see you guys on next video.

John H.


  1. What computer program are you using to make your stop motions videos?

  2. What effects do you use for your dragon ball z stop motions? Please answer

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