Thursday, June 26, 2014

Figma Saber and Revoltech Al VS Guildwar2 monster stop motion

Hello guys, this is my new video, was demanded from a commercial company in China, they want me to make a stop motion video with a online game character and the game is Guildwar2, the good guys I choose from Fate Saber, Al and Gundam, please check the video as below :

This is just a short video, around 1 minute and half, the filming time is around 20 days, 
the main time consuming task is the modification of toys, the bad guys is too big and heavy, really need to do a lot of work to make it suitable to film in stop motion. 

Mark out the modification parts

Also the weapon

Drill holes to make it less weight

Build joints in it to make hand movable. 

The sword

Some battle scenes was held with my hand and erase it. 

the special skill of Al is just aluminium paper

Original picture without effect and color correction

After effects and color grading. 

The cover :D

Well, this is all for this video, software that I used : 
Adobe after effects
Adobe Premiere
Corel video studio

Hope the above could help you, and wish you all the best, thanks for watching and see you next time on next stop motion :D.

John Huang 

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  1. DUDE THAT IS AWESOME. How do you make that figure movible? what movable pieces you use? i want to do that,YOU ARE THE BEST!