Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Gundam stop motion fight

This is my first video working with Chinese Company, they produce similar toys with Bandai,
the shape looks cool but the articulation still need to improve, please check the video as below:

The battle field, in living room.


Now some of the behind the scenes skills, the floating cannon.

I mask them out from the picture.

Or using green screen skill.

And finally the cover picture.

The technics of this video is actually pretty easy, and effects are all the basic standard effects 
that After effects have, but also the most time consuming is the adjustment of these lazers,
one or two lazers are fast, but 6-10 lazers takes a lot and a lot of time.

Well, this is all for this video, thank you for watching and see you next time on next video. 
John H.


  1. Hi I am PercyJulian1 that's my channel.
    So I also make stop motions but I want to be good like you I know I will get there but I have a question. How many pictures do you take every time you move the action figure?

  2. Also if you want to see my stop motions go to my channel PercyJulian1. And could you make tutorials like video versions plz that would help a lot.email is julianjewela@gmail.com

  3. what program do you use for green screen