Saturday, January 11, 2014

SHF Black Iron man stop motion review

The SHF Black Ironman
Actually this one is totally the same as the red one but with black color.
The articulation is excelent, and the paint is also very detail with high quality.
Price I can find in the internet here in Taiwan is around USD$70-90

SHF黑色鋼鐵人, 這支可動性極佳, 塗裝也很精致, 在網拍上的價格目前是約2100台幣左右.

Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Mafex Spiderman stop motion review 蜘蛛人玩具動畫介紹

The Medicom Mafex Spiderman
The articulations are excellent, but the paint and body details are soso.
This some acessories of spiderweb are around 4 pairs of exchange hands.
Price I can find in the internet here in Taiwan is around USD$70-80

Mafex蜘蛛人, 這支可動性極佳, 約有四對手的零件,還有蛛絲的配件.
塗裝跟身體細節只能算普通而已, 在網拍上的價格目前是約2100台幣左右.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Toys Stop motion review - SHF War Machine

The SHF War Machine

 The articulations are excellent, the paint and body details are with very high quality. This one also have lots of acessories to exchange hands and fire weapons. Price I can find in the internet here in Taiwan is around USD$60-70 

SHF戰爭機器, 這支可動性極佳, 手跟武器的零配件也很豊富,塗裝也很精致, 在網拍上的價格目前是約2000台幣左右.

Thursday, January 2, 2014

My second channel for Toys review in stop motion

Hello guys, just started my second channel for toys review in stop motion, 
the original one will mainly focus in animation fights and this second channel will introduce toys, good toys 
in stop motion way, please subscribe and comment if you like the video, thanks a lot!!

Lego Harry Potter stop motion

Hello everyone, this is the new stop motion I made for Taiwan Yahoo promotion,
I choose to use Harry Potter character from Lego as the hero, and this video took me around 2 weeks of production time and 3000 pictures, please check below for the video:

Here are some behind the scenes pictures, first the main characters.

Some other characters from Marvel or anime 

The battle stage and background

Some skills for flying objects, holding with hand and then photoshop!

Flying bricks , green screen!

Comparison before color grading 

After color grading and effects application

The YAhoo webpage in this video

The last, the video cover I design for this animation

And this is all for this video, actually is very simple, stop motion and effects are easy to find tutorials, 
just search them on youtube and there are tons of them.
Thank you and wish you guy happy new year!