Sunday, January 27, 2013

Dragon Ball stop motion - Piccolo VS Trunks

Hello guys, finally, Dragon ball Z stop motion!, I am really excited making this video, as I am always a big fan of dragon ball since I was a child, and thanks to SHF nice Dragon ball figures, I can finally make my dream comes true. Please check first the video as below :

In the below pictures, I will show some behind the scenes and tricks.

The entire video was filmed on my bedrooms floor

Then the action figure from SHF, Trunks was really a nice figure with a lot of accesories
to change the face expressions and hand pose

Piccolo is a little less in accessories, so sometimes I need to draw by my self the 
facial expressions on Photoshop. 

Tools I use are very easy to find in the market. 

Large tools to hold camera or the toy itself

The flying at the start is green screen  

Some of the scenes I use my hand to hold them and then erase in photoshop

Facial expressions, if there is no enough face to match the figure head, 
I will cut them in another head and combined them in software. 

Below are some of the scenes for the next episode, 
the fight will be more faster and closer. 

Here is all for today, I will be finalizing the second part soon, and hope you guys enjoy the show. 
Thanks for watching :D

John H.