Sunday, December 16, 2012

Armored Core stop motion

Hello everyone, this is a new video I made to participate The LA machinima interactive festival,
this time I use Armored Core figures for the video, this video took me around 30 days of production
and 2500 pictures combined.

Please check the video as below:

The battle field, in my room's floor, I use toy boxes to be the walls. 

There are 4 Armored core figures in this video,
each is around USD$35

The boss of this stage :D

Some modifications I make for the main character, 
I use black model pen to paint and draw the lines of the hero.

The articulation and joints of Armored core models is very 
fragile, I need to glue them to prevent falling parts

Some explosion scenes I use LED light, this makes explosions looks more 
real when you apply computer effects to it

Some robot flying scenes I use my hand to hold it and 
then erase it with photoshop. 

Heres is all the secrets in this video, as for the next, 
Dragon Ball Z!!, thank you for watching and see you next time 
on next video. 

Best regards
John H.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lego Stop motion - Superman and Wonder woman

This is my new video with Lego, its a fight between Superman and his enemy Lex Luthor, the entire video took me 1 month of production and around 3000 pictures. Lets see the below now:

Below are some of the behind the scenes pictures

The entire fighting stage is on top of wooden bed, 
this is how the street looks like

Back of the building, some fake trees and rocks

The cloud is actually blue wall papers

Wonder woman and her weapon, the rope, 
its actually a telephone wire

Some of the Superman flying scenes are just like below, 
holding it with some support and erase with software. 

Another solution for flying objects is of course 
the green screen skill.

And here is it, all the secrets of the video, as you can see, 
its not anything difficult, those skill I am sure you can find a lot of 
tutorials in the internet for the above skills. 

Hope you guys enjoy the video, and see you next time on next video. 

John H.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Gundam stop motion dance - Gundam Style !!

New video cooperate with Animeme.

around 10 days of production and 600 pictures.

The dancing field is in my rooms floor

All gundams was posed by tape

Problems during the filming, broken joints.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spider-man VS Green Goblin stop motion

Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last video, this video just finished was a video 
I partner up with NAGOO TV in Taiwan, and this time I use 12 inch doll from Hot toys, 
very expensive toys but very cool and detailed. 

Please check the video first as below:

Next comes the behind the scenes pictures 
first of all the picture of the two characters

Now Spiderman, it has many replacement hand

The Green Goblin does not have too many replacement hands but it has
many small parts and devices.

The fighting stage is below my working desk

The web, actually there comes some plastic web sticks in the Spiderman box, 
but there are not visible and well handle to make video, so I put another plastic 
bag in the surface of the web to make it more easier to use and hold.

Some of the scene that Spiderman hold the web and swing is actually holding the web, 
I position the web in a high location and this location will be the center of the entire swing movement. 
its like a holding point to stable the whole movement. 

As usual, many of the scenes I grab the toy with my hand and then 
erase it on photoshop.

Spideman in the sky and the skateboard on top of a bottle

If the movement is too difficult, I will choose to use green screen. 

The whole video took me around 2 weeks or production time and 
nearly 1000 pictures. 

The skills of my videos are very simple, just need some time for practice and 
everyone can do it. 

Well, this is all for today, thanks for watching and see you guys next time on next video. 

Best regards
John H.

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boxing Stop motion - Pacquiao VS Mayweather

This new video was made for my Philippine Partner "Green Mango" for their company promotion purpose, we use 12 inch dolls from Hot toys and Enterbay.

The face was totally hand made sculpture figure, and this video took me around 2 month of production and nearly 2500 pictures.

Please check the video as below:

Pacquio and Mayweather figures
Facial expressions, simple head replacement
The place I film this video, under my computer desk
Some of the scree shots was hold with my hand and deleted 
with photoshop. 
The original bike screen shot without special effects

Well, the above are most of the secrets for this video, actually they are not difficult to make,
its just matter of time.

Thanks for watching and see you next time on next stop motion

John H.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Saber and Gundam stop motion fight

Hello guys, its been quite a long time since my last video related to Gundams, so I decided to make
another one with them, this time, will be adding a new guest, Saber from Fate, its one of the most
coolest articulated toys from Figma, so lets check first this video:

This video in total is around 3000-3500 pictures, and took me exactly 30 days to finish this,
including musics,etc.

Below are some of the behind the scenes pictures:

                             First of all, the battle field is in front of my computers, saves time to take pictures and
                            then edit them in the computer.

                                   Our main character, Saber, it has three different facial expressions to change.

Also many different hand poses, I can do many actions with these items.

Many of the lightning or shadows I do it with tools I can find closely, 
I prefer this time not to use too much in special effects.

                             Most of the flying objects was held by my hands and erase them with software.

The O, the lightning I prefer to add some light layers instead of 
starwars style light saber. 

                           Below are some screen cuts that I liked the most.

Well, this is all for this video, the makings are actually simple, but everything took a lot of time,
its just matter of practice.

Hope you guys enjoy the video, and see you next time in next stop motion video.

John H.