Friday, November 21, 2014

Digimon Stop Motion - Omegamon VS Imperialdramon

Hello everyone, just finished another commercial stop motion video, I worked this video with Bandai America for the promotion purpose of "Digimon All Star Rumble" video game, this video took around 20 days of production and nearly 2500 pictures, check out the video as below:

There are 4 toys in this video, two for the first mode and two for the second mode, I find someone to make the battle field for this video.

The battle field

For some flying object in the air, I use tools or my own hand to hold them in the air and then erase them through photoshop or another way is green screen.

Comparison scenes with effects and without effects and color grading.

Some screenshots of the video.

Well, the above are all for this video, hope you guys enjoy the video and see you next time on next video.

Best regards
John H.