Monday, November 28, 2011

Minority Report VFX Stop Motion

This is a video I made for the Taiwan Business tour promotion purpose,
the idea comes from the movie Minority Report, I spend 3 days in total for the
making of this video, please see the video as below:

The Doll I choose to use this time is Black widow from Iron man movie, this is the most
beautiful girl face doll that you can find in the market of 12 inch dolls.

Below is the stage that I use to film this video, on top of my desk.

Comparison of the shoots, original and with green screen, this video was mostly made
in front of green screen, some scenes the green screen was not good because the green
screen was to near the doll and in some places the light was too strong, I will need to
improve next time about this problem.

Here are some runners effects I made for this video, first make the runners,
then apply to the video in after effects.

Some scenes of this video that I like the most. 

Software used in this video:

Corel video studio pro
Paint shop photo
After effects

Well, hope you guys like this video, and will be back to you next time with transformers stop

John H.

Friday, November 18, 2011

Assasin Creed Stop Motion

This is a video made for Machinima for the promotion of the Game Assasin Creed,
this is the first video I made with 12 inch toys, these are really detail figures from Hot toys company,
they are beatiful with good articulation, but its not easy to film, they are very heavy and usually falls, could not stand well to film.

Please check the video as below :

Below is the filming scene of this video, blue posters plus some artificial plant decoration.

The toys are very loose in the articulation due to the heave body

The move of the cape in the wind is actually holding by hand

The real look of the bloody hand before After effects

The red part of the broken hand is made with red paper

Some of the video scene that I like the most

Well, here is some of the behind the scene of this video, hope you guys like it,
thank you and see you soon with the next stop motion video