Friday, April 29, 2011

Stop motion of real life combined with gundams 自製動畫-真人合成到動畫

to make a video of stop motions combined with real life persons,
the main technich is green screen, the make some color correction for contrast and yellow scene.
Please check the video as below: 

The scene for the video, floor behind my bed.

The knife is actually hold by a tool, and quit it by photoshop

the background  

the original footage of the robots, then quit the blue screen, add the scene of the above plus
the two prekeyed person.
Two pictures of the video scene

Software used brief percentage list:

Corel video studio pro X4 = 50%
Adobe AE = 50%
Premiere = 40%
Morph = 5%

Thanks everyone for watching and welcome any comments or suggestions! 

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