Friday, April 29, 2011

Megaman & Starscream stop motion Behind the Scenes

Hello everyone, this is my video number 14 of stop motion, its time for the adventure of Rockman and his friend Blues, and many thanks again to HobbyLink Japan for the nice action figure of transformers The Starscream, an awesome figure with awesome paintings, its one of the best transformers toy I ever seen.

Well, lets see first the video: Go!! ROCKMAN!!

Below here are the actors for this little movie, I have to say Rockman models are
very very well acticulated, really love to make videos with them.

Rockman (megaman) and Protoman

Other mechas in this video
Below picture is the actual filming scene without effects modification:
Then use green screen skill to clean the green background and get the sky background into it.

Tools that I used in this video

For some scenes of Blues, as its color is red, using green screen will damage some yellow color elements of it, so in this case, I use blue screen to get a clean background of Blues.

Accesories of the toys for the change of expressions, if its not enough, then I use photoshop
for modification

Same technic for the rockamn eye blinking

before PS

after PS

About Starscream, the transformation was actually hold by hand and then modified to mask out the hand and the green background

In the explosion, I actually take off the Starscream head

And below here are two of my favorite screen shots:

The double big boom:


In general, the main skill used in this video of course is the stop motion skill, but the second it will definitely be the green screening, this is a very useful skill to make animations. Thanks again to all you guys for watching my video and also thanks to HobbylinkJapan for the awesome action figures. We will see next time on the next project.

John H.


  1. i am confused. rockman and blues then later become megaman and zero.. right?


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