Friday, April 29, 2011

Lego Pirates stop motion behind the scene 自製動畫-樂高海盜船

Hello everybody, thanks for the support of my last video, Go!! Rockman!! today I am posting another new video, this is a video I made for Corel corporation, for their new software advertising purpose, they want me to make the video with LEGO pirates, so here it is, please check the video as below:

Software most used percentage list:

Corel video studio PRO X4 = 90%
The sounds effects are mainly basic musics from Corel studio itself.

Here are some of the tips and technics that I used in this video:

The LEGO pirate ship is a very detailed and awesome toy:

In this video, the water waves are just cling film moving with 15 frames per second

The sun light are the warming light for the winter :D

Actually the whole island is based on books and magazines

Most of the special effects in this video was made with LED light then modified with
Paintshopphoto software.

Here is our hero, prince of persia,, here in this story I called him Luke the Hero

LEGOS are a little trick for posing as they are very small, it takes some effort to make
detail movements, but in the other hand, small is also the advantage, make fly movements
posing without too much trouble.

For the flying of the characters, is just another trick of photoshop, please check the
below two pictures for the comparison, the after and the before.

And here is all the secrets of this video, is not very difficult or complicated, the only matter is time.

Thanks again for watching, and welcome any comment or suggestions.

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