Friday, April 29, 2011

Green world animal VFX

This is a new video I made for a contest here in Taiwan.
Looking around youtube, I can see many people using effects on real person,
but very very few doing on animals or plants, so I will just make this video
for a trial testing, in the same time, practicing my skills for the effects.

I made lots of color corrections in this video, also liquify effects, lots of
layer addings, and mainly brightness on items.

And yes, I know, everyone is asking for the next stop motion Sephiroth, I will need
few more weeks to finish this, or maybe a month, I dont know, but it really takes time
if I want it with good effects, I will do my best, and hope you guys enjoy my videos,
thanks a lot.

About this video,I need your help to share this video with your friends, this is for a contest
here in Taiwan, for more views, the greater chance to win, so sincerely hope you could help me
on this,thanks a lot for all you guys.

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