Saturday, October 20, 2012

Lego Stop motion - Superman and Wonder woman

This is my new video with Lego, its a fight between Superman and his enemy Lex Luthor, the entire video took me 1 month of production and around 3000 pictures. Lets see the below now:

Below are some of the behind the scenes pictures

The entire fighting stage is on top of wooden bed, 
this is how the street looks like

Back of the building, some fake trees and rocks

The cloud is actually blue wall papers

Wonder woman and her weapon, the rope, 
its actually a telephone wire

Some of the Superman flying scenes are just like below, 
holding it with some support and erase with software. 

Another solution for flying objects is of course 
the green screen skill.

And here is it, all the secrets of the video, as you can see, 
its not anything difficult, those skill I am sure you can find a lot of 
tutorials in the internet for the above skills. 

Hope you guys enjoy the video, and see you next time on next video. 

John H.


  1. Hi C656!

    Question about "Erase with Software"...

    About the BLOCKS that are holding superman...

    Do you Erase the Blocks per Picture?
    Or you Erase the Blocks when its already a Video?

  2. Hello there

    For me, I usually erase the blocks per picture,
    good is more precise, bad is takes a lot more of time.

  3. thanks C656! Im making a video too with overlapping characters so I asked. But the difference is mine is not stop motion haha. But I figured out how to do it.

    Im doing the same thing, erasing the "un needed" stuff from the video "PER FRAME" yeah really time consuming but its worth the outcome :)

    thanks for the reply!

  4. Next time with Kreo transformer minifigures,
    i love it :D

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