Saturday, October 6, 2012

Spider-man VS Green Goblin stop motion

Hello everyone, it has been a while since my last video, this video just finished was a video 
I partner up with NAGOO TV in Taiwan, and this time I use 12 inch doll from Hot toys, 
very expensive toys but very cool and detailed. 

Please check the video first as below:

Next comes the behind the scenes pictures 
first of all the picture of the two characters

Now Spiderman, it has many replacement hand

The Green Goblin does not have too many replacement hands but it has
many small parts and devices.

The fighting stage is below my working desk

The web, actually there comes some plastic web sticks in the Spiderman box, 
but there are not visible and well handle to make video, so I put another plastic 
bag in the surface of the web to make it more easier to use and hold.

Some of the scene that Spiderman hold the web and swing is actually holding the web, 
I position the web in a high location and this location will be the center of the entire swing movement. 
its like a holding point to stable the whole movement. 

As usual, many of the scenes I grab the toy with my hand and then 
erase it on photoshop.

Spideman in the sky and the skateboard on top of a bottle

If the movement is too difficult, I will choose to use green screen. 

The whole video took me around 2 weeks or production time and 
nearly 1000 pictures. 

The skills of my videos are very simple, just need some time for practice and 
everyone can do it. 

Well, this is all for today, thanks for watching and see you guys next time on next video. 

Best regards
John H.


  1. I was just perusing through my blogs and yours was at the top, and I went 'yes!'. I love seeing your design process and final product. Keep it up! :D

  2. it very good for this information.

  3. very good.
    I will make the video