Sunday, December 16, 2012

Armored Core stop motion

Hello everyone, this is a new video I made to participate The LA machinima interactive festival,
this time I use Armored Core figures for the video, this video took me around 30 days of production
and 2500 pictures combined.

Please check the video as below:

The battle field, in my room's floor, I use toy boxes to be the walls. 

There are 4 Armored core figures in this video,
each is around USD$35

The boss of this stage :D

Some modifications I make for the main character, 
I use black model pen to paint and draw the lines of the hero.

The articulation and joints of Armored core models is very 
fragile, I need to glue them to prevent falling parts

Some explosion scenes I use LED light, this makes explosions looks more 
real when you apply computer effects to it

Some robot flying scenes I use my hand to hold it and 
then erase it with photoshop. 

Heres is all the secrets in this video, as for the next, 
Dragon Ball Z!!, thank you for watching and see you next time 
on next video. 

Best regards
John H.

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