Thursday, September 15, 2011

Future new projects and testings

First of all, thank you guys for the support and the vote recently I made in my blog here,
and yeap, Dragon Ball Z is definitely the best of all, personally I also like the most to make Gokus video,
unfortunately I am still waiting for his best opponent and friend Vegeta to be released from BAndai,
I know they are making it, but not know when could be done.

Check out first the previews:

So which comes first will be transformers : Race and Destroy.

And please check below for some original pictures related to this video:

                                                    Black widow

Guess who....:D

Bumble Bee

Three Kingdom ( 三國 )


Halo?? For some reason I have to delay this video...

The best of All, DBZ Goku!!!

Well, thanks again for your visit, see you next time with next transformers video.

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  1. hey there! your videos were great! I must say I was inspired by your final fantasy and street fighter stop motions and I'd like to make my own stop motion video too. Can I ask you how'd you make the facial emotions of the characters and those special effects like fire? I'm just starting out and I would really appreciate your advice. Thanks! A job well done to you sir! May you continue your work and inspire more people!