Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Sexy Killer and some behind the scene pictures

My new real life video, the purpose is to test slow motion scenes and try to do some more
realistic effects, new camera movements and angles.
I want to thanks to Nikon for the sponsor of D5100 camera and also thanks
to Beatube for the support of the girl.

Here are some pictures for the video.

Software used in this video:

Adobe after effects
Adobe premiere
Corel video studio pro

I know this video is not good, as I just start to learn real life videos, I expect to spend another
1 year to learn everything about real life videos, just the same effort as I do for stop motions
which I also spend around 2 year to learn and still today I am learning it, making films is
a very very long business, there is no limit for learning, there is always new things to explore.

Please leave your comments or suggestions for this video.

Thanks and see you guys on next video.

John H.


  1. For when it debuts this film? I'd liked to see it

  2. This video will be showing up to youtube on next week :D

  3. Excelent video, I like very much the effects especials.
    I will wait the next video


  4. Brasileiro perguntando.September 18, 2011 at 11:02 AM

    One question... who's the girl?

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