Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Taipei World Design Exposition

This is an ad video of the Taipei World Design Exposition, I helped them to make this ad with stop
motion, all the items and characters in this video are Exposition creations in the show.
This video took me around 5 days for the filming and editting.

Below are pictures of the behind the scene:

The place for the video taking

All of the tools that I used in this video

The rotation of the wooden toys

The color changing and size changing of the can is actually the replacement
of many other cans with the same style.

The rolling of the white little man is actually holding by hand

The wooden rabbit and the tiger are magnetic toys connected together with

Softwares I used in this video are :
Corel video studio pro
Adobe premiere
Adobe after effects.

Well, hope you guys like the video, thanks for watching and see you soon
in the next transformers stop motion.

John H.


  1. Congratulations John.
    You're a professional in stop motion.
    I admire, increasingly, their work, John.
    And each new animation I'm even more impressed with his work and perfection.
    Congratulations again my friend.
    Best Regards
    Sandro F. Barcelos

  2. Hello Sandro, thanks a lot for your kind messages, really appreciated, and thank you for your support since the begining my friend.
    John H.