Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Superman VS Predator stop motion

Hello guys, this is a video I made for Machinima few weeks ago, using hot toys figures of Predator and Superman to fight each other, this video took me only 19 days of production time and around 3000 pictures.

Please check the video as below :

 Lets see the toys, Superman and Predator, they are really nice and detail figures, 
specially the face, I use some tools to hold them standing. 

Accesories of the hands and face, etc.

 Some movements in the air was hold by hand and then erase with photoshop

Hold the tools

Green Screen

Some of the scenes that I like in the video

Thanks again for watching and see you next time on next video.

best regards
John H.


  1. Hola me encanta tus stop motion,quisiera yo tambien empezar hacer esto pero recien estoy empezando y quisiera que me digas como pongo los sonidos apropiados en un stop motion por ejemplo quiero hacer uno de spiderman pero nose donde descargar sonidos para que me quede bien con el video me puedes dar una pagina y como busco porfavor¡¡¡¡¡

  2. el NUNCA ayuda!!! NI SI QUIERA!!!!

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