Saturday, June 22, 2013

Legend of Zelda stop motion- Figma Link and Black Rock Shooter

Hello guys, this is the new video I made for Machinima, its about the game Legend of Zelda, to make the video look better, I invented some magic for Link and also start to try to use clays in my stop motion,
well, please check the video as below :

And now for the behind the scenes pictures:

First the battle field, all under a wooden bed, 
the walls are toy boxes covered with brown paper,
the sky was made of blue paper. 

The figma toys of Link and blackrock shooter. 
exchangeble faces and hands.

Clay combined with hero factory toys. 

My filming small equipments.

The hammer was made of other toys backpack and them glue together. 

The presentation shot for the video. 

And here is all the behind the scenes pictures of this video, 
we will see next time on next video. 

best regards
John H.


  1. Not bad
    Have you ever tried to do wwe stop motion s

  2. raelmente te felicito muy beno tu trabajo y espero tus proximos videos saludos

  3. nice video for zelda, the clay makes the enemy looks so alive
    just have some question on link's magic part as he can use SUMMON!?, feels kinda...weird? somehow, although the effect is good, but maybe cos we all know that link always just use his sword and attack using his "spin attack" but we didn't get to see this tactics in the video..., so feels like "Zelda" but doesn't look quite like the "Zelda" we know...

    but still, if there's continuation for this, still would love to see it! :D

  4. How did you make such awesome videos? The video is really smooth eben though it is stop motion

  5. make another one of dragon ball and link

  6. Loved the part when Blackrock Shooter came in. Also, did you use a software or from scratch?

  7. assemble the toy as it takes patience and thoroughness, and when finished it was fun.

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