Thursday, June 16, 2011

Final Fantasy Stop motion- Behind the Scenes

Hello everyone, this is John again, just finished my new stop motion video, Final Fantasy stop motion – The World’s Enemy, thanks for Cloud, Aerith and Sephiroth from HLJ, great toys with detailed paintings.
This video was mostly made with After effects, the main skill here is the use of fire,light, twist light and twist fire, also some green screens.
Color correction of green and blue, medium contrast.

And for the tools I used in this video, please check the below picture:
knife, sccisor, tape, saw, etc

The cut made be Sephiroth to the box, I use saw to make this happen

This is how the meteor looks like…grey paper ball…

 The last scene, real flower with fake grass, the fake ones
actually are much expensive

After several days of filming, the joing are too loose, need to paste them with tape

The blood actually are red water paint,
they could be deleted by water

Moving in the sky is actually green screen skill

The same with fire in front of Aerith

The lift of the motorcycle was just made with hand and then PS out.

And below are some of
the screen shots

Here is all the secrets of the video, hope you guys enjoy it, thanks for watching and
see you next time with the next video.

John H.


  1. Very impressive work man !
    I know how difficult it is to animate action figures. The joints aren't perfect all the time and they get loose very fast. I would have like to see unedited pictures of the characters while you shooted them. You always used the artist's pliers to hold the characters in place while animating them ? How did you do the blood spills ? It looks so nice. Is it at 12 fps ? The directing job is also very nice. It's fast pace and even if it's 8 minutes long, we don't get bored and there's always new things that keep us interested. I love the moving camera and you did a great job adding the sound effects and the music. I got so many questions... My curiosity isn't satisfied. It's none of my business, but i would love to see a making of video or to read a bigger "making of" post. Great job overall and i can't wait to see a new video from you.

  2. Hi! you grant me an interview for my blog?

  3. Hello Vincent thanks a lot for your kind messages, and regarding for some of your questions, for the blood, they are effects made with After effects, and to stablelize the dolls, I use lots of tricks, sometimes its only tape in their feets, sometimes, I hold them with holders, depends on the scene.

    I will make more videos and sure more behind the scenes with them, maybe if I have time I will make a tutorial video about stop motion.

    Thanks again for watching and good luck.

    John H.

  4. Hello,

    I watched your FF-movie on YouTube. It's great :) I waiting for more video of Final Fantasy.

  5. This was really really cool. I enjoyed it. The effects were pretty cool too. Could you make/link a tutorial on how you did some of the energy effects and what program you used for them?

  6. do you have a google plus account that I can follow?

  7. John H.,

    I just seen your stop-motion Final Fantasy VII video, and I must say that you have talent my friend, so much talent that you inspired me to make a blogger page myself and find some like-minded and talented individuals that may have a use for my talents. I specialize in Audio Engineering and Pro Tools operations please contact me if you are interested in having a sound engineer to work with. I'm currently doing post-work on a Cowboys & Aliens trailer so I do have training and I'm trying to find myself serious potential projects to add to my resume.

    my email is

    James Henry

  8. AMAZING !!! Thanx a lot !!!!!

  9. This is Best Bro..!!!! Awesome Job..!!!

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