Thursday, January 2, 2014

Lego Harry Potter stop motion

Hello everyone, this is the new stop motion I made for Taiwan Yahoo promotion,
I choose to use Harry Potter character from Lego as the hero, and this video took me around 2 weeks of production time and 3000 pictures, please check below for the video:

Here are some behind the scenes pictures, first the main characters.

Some other characters from Marvel or anime 

The battle stage and background

Some skills for flying objects, holding with hand and then photoshop!

Flying bricks , green screen!

Comparison before color grading 

After color grading and effects application

The YAhoo webpage in this video

The last, the video cover I design for this animation

And this is all for this video, actually is very simple, stop motion and effects are easy to find tutorials, 
just search them on youtube and there are tons of them.
Thank you and wish you guy happy new year!

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