Thursday, April 26, 2012

Adventure Quest Stop Motion -Artix VS Sepulchure

This is a short video in association with Artix Entertainment, for the promotion of
action figures of the game Adventure quest, the video is in total 2:21 minutes long,
the background music was made by One Eyed Doll music band.

So lets check the video:

Please check the below pictures for the fighting state of this video:

                                                  The arena is on top of wooden bed
                                     decorated with artificial plants and fake rocks

The original toys without modification, can only move the head left and right, 
the arm and legs are also limited of movement. 

Below on Artix, we made two extra facial expressions, and the 
add a lot of articulated joints to their hands and legs. 

The seal mark that appears in the credits are just green screening the hand 

                                                   Some battle scenes of the video 

Well, again, thanks a lot for watching, the next new video is about
saber lily, will be showing up right on next week.

So see you soon on next video.

John H.


  1. can you make a tuturial on to make figures poseable?

  2. what type of joints are those?

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